You are loved! Ikaw ay mahal! You are blessed! Ikaw ay pinagpala!

Whether you are a Christian, a spiritual seeker, a member of the local community or someone looking for a place to belong, we hope you will join us for worship. You will find here an inclusive and diverse community, caring friends, children and youth, strength for the journey and the embrace of the Spirit of Christ.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience!"

Quote from Teilhard de Chardin

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How do we define the Children's ministry?

With words like imagination, dancing, love, delight, inspiration, laughter, running, food, prayer.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To be an Oasis of God’s Love (as of 2020) 

Our Mission: (how we plan to live out our vision)

~ To be an intentional intercultural ministry through study, self-awareness and invitation.

~ To devote resources to children, youth and young adults and support them through inspiration, education and listening.