"Worship will get you through the roughest times in your life because it shifts your focus from the problem to the problem solver." St. Ignatius

Worship is our opportunity to dedicate one hour a week to gather within a faith community and offer our gratitude to God. We can freely sing, pray, celebrate and express the delight we feel as we worship.

"I need to worship because without it I lose a sense of wonder and gratitude

and I plod through life with blinders in." John Ortberg

The community at Lakeview Multicultural United strives to be a safe place for all people regardless of race, creed, age, cultural background or sexual orientation. May you find new friends, as you encounter the Sacred. May you feel encouragement in your faith journey. We are committed to an ongoing, life-long exploration of what it means to be followers of Jesus within the context of the world in which we live - where questions and dialogue on faith and life are encouraged.

If you are new to Lakeview Multicultural United Church, here are some things that might make you feel more at home when you worship with us:

During worship, you are invited to participate as you feel comfortable. Unless otherwise indicated in this Order of Service, hymn numbers refer to the hard-cover red hymnbook, Voices United (VU) We celebrate God’s presence through the Sacrament of Communion on the first Sunday of each month, or on special Sundays such as Easter.

If you have children under 5 years, the youth provide nursery care in the Hall.  

Our Sunday school aka Imagination and Wonder takes place every Sunday.

There will be an offering time during the service during the candle refelction time– an opportunity to give back something of what God has given each of us. Any amount is welcome, but not required. Many members choose to make their offering through PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance).  Special donation envelopes are available at the back for guests.  Tax receipts for donations over $20 are also available.  Please speak to Cynthia Dumagpi, our Treasurer, for more information.  

A washroom is located at the back of the sanctuary near the gym

Following worship we share food and conversation in the lounge. Every Sunday.  Please join us.