What to expect if you are new and arrive on Sunday for the 11am service:

Expect to share the anticipation of meeting God in Spirit. 

Expect to experience happiness and love within a relaxed community. 

Expect to feel at home immediately.

Expect to feel safe.

Expect to feel welcome.

Expect to see children and youth happily part of the community.

Many members of the congregation come from a Filipino background which means acceptance and love and food. Yet regardless of race, age, ethnic background, gender, orientation or struggle everyone is welcome.  At Lakeview, we take the Multicultural part of our name seriously. We are diverse, inclusive, and open.  

You are encouraged to dress comfortably - whether for you that means a suit, dress or jeans.

When you come in the front doors .... copies of the printed worship bulletin will be available for those who find that helpful, although the service is projected at the front of the sanctuary.

Sit wherever you would like; chat with others around you or sit quietly. 

Families with children .... during worship a special time focuses on a story for them or listening to their news. There is a table at the back of the sanctuary with activities and colouring sheets for children 6 years and older.  A supervised nursery is located in the lounge area next to the kitchen for children 5 years and younger.

The Sacred Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month. Children and youth are welcome to participate.

The worship service ... begins at 11 am and lasts approximately 1 hour.  It begins with 10-15 minutes of contemporary praise music led by our youth and adults.  We are blessed to have a number of talented musicians who can play piano, electric guitar and drums.  The liturgy and words to the hymns are projected on a screen at the front of the church. If you read music, you may prefer to use the hymnbook in the pews.

Every Sunday after worship ....  you are invited to the gym for food and conversation. There are great cooks in this congregation!

If you have questions please email Rev. Sally at smcshane77@gmail.com or share a cup of coffee with her after worship.